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Mac's Well & Pump Service was established in 1989 by owner, Dennis McAlpine. We are a local leader in providing well drilling and repair services. With over 40 years experience in the well service industry, we are capable of providing quality service at affordable pricing.

Call Mac's Well & Pump Service today for fast, reliable well service. Our services range from repairs, new well installation, well abandandment, to product sales and service.

These are all signs that your water well system is not running at its full capacity. An improper running system could be costing you extra money. Consider the following recommendations for these common problems:

Unpleasant Odor

Your well might need to be chlorinated due to contamination in your well water system. Call us to get a free estimate for this service. Another possible cause for the unpleasant odor may be due to a bad magnesium rod in your hot water heater which may admit a "rotten eggs" smell. 

Poor Water Pressure

Check the air in your pressure tank. Typical air pressure should be at 30-40 lbs depending on your switch. In the event the air pressure is low, the pump is cycling more often and the pressure would decrease. Also, check the bypass in softener for blockage. Softeners have the tendency to create blockage in the bypass valves from excess mineral buildup. Another problem causing poor water pressure could be from a bad pump which would need to be replaced. Call us to get a free estimate on inspection of this problem.

Pump Runs Frequently and/or Continuously

Check for a hole in your drop pipe. This is a service we recommend be performed by a licensed contractor. Call us to get a free estimate for this service.


Continuous clicking noise from your pressure switch

The bladder in your tank might be ruptured. We recommend installing a new tank by a licensed contractor. Call us to get pricing on your specific tank size.


Water Discoloration


Check the softener for low salt level or malfunction. If the softener is operating efficiently, the iron level in your water may be high. We recommend chlorinating your well. 


Sand in Water


There may be a hole in the screen or your tank may be bad causing it to quick cycling kicking on and off. The well may be pumping sand. Recommend calling us for inspection.


High Unexplainable Electric Bill


Call for an inspection to investigate a possible hole in the drop pipe or underground discharge in exterior part of well. 

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